How to save money each month

Benefit Calculator

To help you find out how to save money each month, and estimated monthly savings through the Education Tax Benefit from EdNVest, use our simple benefit calculator to calculate your potential saving.

Please note the amounts displayed below only serves as a guideline estimate. Once your employer has signed up with EdNVest, you will be able to calculate your monthly saving on your personal profile on the EdNVest Platform.

Calculate how much you will save.

Quickly estimate with how much you can increase your take home pay if you qualify for an Education Tax Benefit:

(Max. R 20, 000 per child/relative)

(Max. R 60, 000 per child/relative)

How much PAYE can I save?

Estimated savings per year: R
Estimated saving per month for 2022/2023 tax year: R
Estimated EdNVest admin fee per month: R
*The above are only estimated savings in PAYE and is subject to final calculations upon review of your salary slips or IRP5's of each qualifying employee.

How much can my Employees save?

Use our Benefit Calculator below to estimate how much PAYE your employees could potentially save if they qualify for the Education Tax Benefit.

Our Clients & Partners


Patricia Mokoena, Centurion

Liquid Telecom

EdNVest Team, I’m so grateful for this service you are offering. There are no words good enough to thank you for changing my life and for making a difference in the lives of so many around me with Education Tax Benefit. I can afford so many things I could not afford before. I managed to clear my accounts with the extra cash and life is more enjoyable now. Big UP to the EdNVest Team and continue to touch as many lives as you possibly can.

Glynis Maiworm

Glynis Maiworm, an employee at Kuda Holdings (Pty) Ltd has signed up with EdNVest and created two education benefits for her sons. Glynis is expected to save over R8000 in PAYE over the year! The EdNVest team would like to help YOU save that extra bit of cash during this tough time.