How to Save Money Fast while Rewarding Everyday Heroes

Education in South Africa remains the most valuable resource upon which our country can build a sustainable future of job creation and economic emancipation. Faced with the rising cost of living, families are finding it increasingly difficult to cover the costs of education while looking for ways of how to save money fast. These everyday heroes deserve something back on their wise investment.

What if we told you that there is an existing, and legitimate, tax-deductible education benefit authorised by SARS, which can ease your potential debt-burden? By making the smart decision to invest in our future generations you can finally get something back. Activate your education benefit through EdNVest and start saving today towards the little things that really matter to your family.

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The Cash-Back Employee Benefit

Whether you are an employer that is exploring workplace incentives for your valued team, or an eligible employee putting your dependents through basic or tertiary education, EdNVest is ready to ease the burden and assist you in how to save money fast. We facilitate real tax benefits that reflect on your payslip, and ultimately, back into your pocket. By registering with EdNVest, you can look forward to receiving an annual tax-deductible education benefit of up to R 20 000 for basic education and R 60 000 for tertiary education. Furthermore, this education benefit is applied to each relative whose education you pay, for up to three generations.

Why Partner with EdNVest?

how to save money fast


EdNVest does all the administration and documentation on your behalf

Fully Compliant

Ensures your application meets SARS compliance and requirements.

Zero-Cost Factor

There is no cost to the employer.

Ongoing Support

Provide monthly reports and payroll support to the employer.

Your Partner Throughout

EdNVest provides training and handles all onboarding of
qualifying employees.

how to save money fast


Providing long-term rewards and incentives to your employees need no longer be an expensive initiative. EdNVest has created an integrated platform, which allows your qualifying employees access to a SARS education tax benefit, at no cost to you, the employer.

how to save money fast


Should you meet the qualifying requirements, EdNVest provides the platform for you to enjoy an education tax benefit offered by SARS, if you are currently paying for your child or relative’s education. By paying for your relative’s education pre-tax, you ultimately unlock how to save money fast and increase your take-home salary. At the end of the month, this means more cash in your pocket to live your best life.

how to save money fast


EdNVest is always on the lookout for talented agents to act on our behalf. We offer all our Agents the tools and material to present, implement and manage the non-taxable Education bursary benefit for all their clients and employees. Do you have a passion for impacting social change for good while earning a great income in the process?

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how to save money fast
how to save money fast
how to save money fast
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how to save money fast
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how to save money fast

Become an EdNVest Agent

Are you passionate about implementing new initiatives for your customers, creating opportunities on how to save money fast, whilst having a positive impact on education in South Africa? We invite you to partner with us and become an EdNVest agent. Explore the exciting and rewarding opportunity that awaits you, as a member of our team.

how to save money fast

Benefit calculator

Use our Benefit Calculator below to estimate how much PAYE you could save if you pay for your children or relatives’ education.

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Patricia Mokoena, Centurion

Liquid Telecom

EdNVest Team, I’m so grateful for this service you are offering. There are no words good enough to thank you for changing my life and for making a difference in the lives of so many around me with Education Tax Benefit. I can afford so many things I could not afford before. I managed to clear my accounts with the extra cash and life is more enjoyable now. Big UP to the EdNVest Team and continue to touch as many lives as you possibly can.

Glynis Maiworm

Glynis Maiworm, an employee at Kuda Holdings (Pty) Ltd has signed up with EdNVest and created two education benefits for her sons. Glynis is expected to save over R8000 in PAYE over the year! The EdNVest team would like to help YOU save that extra bit of cash during this tough time.